Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Winter Korres Shower Gels

Since it is Winter , i prefer to use more sweet and more intense perfumes, even when i take a bath. First i have tried Vanilla and Cinnamon from Korres Shower Gels. It has a sweet smell , a smooth touch and it gives you a warm feeling, like sitting in front of a fire place and snow is falling outside. I know that the description seems like fairy tale but i like the daily products i use to bring in my memory beautiful images. Bitter Almond Shower Gel can be considered as an "office"scent, since it is bitter and sweet at the same time. Like things in work, it can't be perfect all time! And my third "winter" shower gel is Nutmeg. I find it simply and more spirituall. So no matter what mood i have, i can create another just by taking a shower! Isn't just great!!!
And if you want to buy a present for someone special try Juniper And Rum ..

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